READ Milking Systems

New Zealand made for New Zealand Dairying

Milk System Features

READ Slide Pulsators

read puslator

We guarentee our pulsator body and slide for 10 years

The READ Slide Pulsator is simple and reliable and is designed to give years of trouble free service. The Pulsator was modified around 40 years ago to suit the larger dairies of today. Available in 4 + 0 and 2 + 2 configuration for both Herringbone and Rotary dairies and are available in three pipe sizes, 2", 2 1/2", 3". these pulsators are able to be flushed with wash water and are uneffected by variations in temperature or vacuum level. The large porting means no blockages from foreign objects that may be sucked into the airlines. READ Pulsators are operated by independent eccentrics driving Nylon slide valves on nickel alloy bases cast in our own foundry.  Pulsators can be driven from the Vacuum pump shaft or from a seperate motor. Each pulsator operates 2 sets of teat cups.


READ Circuit Wash System

Read curcuit wash systemAll of our 3" and 4" Milklines are equipped with our patented Circuit Wash System which is uniquie in its simplicity and operation. With a single butterfly valve on the milkline the valve is open for milking and closed for washing. During washing with the butterfly valve closed the wash water is drawn via the jetter wash system into the main milkline. The water completely floods the milk line and passes into the Circuit Wash return line entering the milk Receiver through 2 Spinklers in the top of the receiver. The Wash System does not required any electronic air injectors or purge valves. During milking the Vacuum stability is aided by a looped line back to the receiver.

READ Milk Filter

read milk filterOur Milk Filters (4" and 6") are able to be mounted top and bottom load and incorporate our unique cap and clamping system which is easy to use. These can be fitted in banks of 2 or more depending on the size of the herd.






READ Automatic Cup Removers

read automatic cup removersMost new dairys are being installed with automatic cup removers (ACR). We have available an electronic ACR complete with our own bail retention gate.

Our ACR's have

  • Quick Start feature
  • Air Sweep
  • Kick Off Alert
  • Fully adjustable parameters