Milking Systems

Specialists in dairy milking technology with nearly 100 years experience designing and manufacturing dairy milking systems.


Rotary Milking Systems

Semi-automated dairy milking technology coupled with reliable mechanical pulsation. Ours is a system that is both efficient and low maintenance.

Above all, our rotary systems are practical and simple to operate. Available from as little as 20 bails and scalable up to 100 bails, or more.

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Herringbone Milking Systems

A simple, cost effective solution for smaller herd sizes. As with our rotary systems our herringbones include mechanical pulsation. For this reason they continue to milk season after season with little maintenance.

Available from 8 bails to 60 bails and suitable for traditional swing-over layouts, as well as double-up and twin-pit dairies. Also available with electronic cup removers.

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Portable Milking Systems

A complete milking machine weighing less than 100 kg. Although lightweight, it is tough and able to take the occasional knock and bump.

Take the milking machine to the animal. Available in two sizes for single or dual animal milking, and suitable for cows, sheep and goats.

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