Pump Controllers

Adapting vacuum pump speeds to suit milking conditions saves on operating costs

All new Read milking systems come standard with vacuum pump controllers. Even modest reductions in pump speed by 20 to 30% can reduce energy demands by up 50% depending on the pump.

When used with a vacuum pump, a pump speed controller ensures that vacuum levels are suited to the milking in progress.


The same is true for our milking pumps. With intelligent motor control, the pumping of milk from milk line to silo is both energy efficient and easier on the pump. It also helps to optimise flow through the plate cooler for maximum heat transfer. This in turn reduces the energy demands placed on vat chiller units.

Pump controllers for our vacuum pumps

We use the Corkill Systems Varivac system. This based on industry-leading Danfoss VLT drive technology. Danfoss are one of a largest and most innovative manufacturers of pump control systems in the world. Corkill Systems have adapted the Danfoss VLT drive to suit dairy farms in particular.

Not only does this bring energy savings to the farmer, it also improves pump service life. And because teat end vacuum levels remain stable, milking is gentler on the herd. This helps to reduce stress to the cow as well as reduce somatic cell counts.

And for our milk pumps

Depending on the farmer’s preference, we usually install either a Corkill Systems Milkflow controller, or a John Brookes Milk Pump controller.


Every little bit helps

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