Rotary Milking Systems

We began building rotary milking systems in the early 1980s in order to meet changes in New Zealand dairy technology and production costs

Now, rotary milking systems are our most popular platform. Initially we used technology from our herringbone systems which was adapted to suit the rotary design. Then, with ongoing developments in semi-automated dairy milking technology, we enhanced our system further.


Rotary milking systems that perform

Farmers will appreciate the reliability and ruggedness inherent in all Read Industrial milking systems. Plus, now, we offer automation upgrades to help with milking efficiency and comfort, for both livestock and the operator. Such as, automated cup removers with programmable parameters to tailor milking machine performance to individual herds, automated bail arm control, and automated teat spraying.

In addition, all new Read rotary systems come with sliding mechanical pulsators which we guarantee for 10 years, a vacuum system powered by a liquid-ring or blower type pump, and more.

Our rotary dairy system is able to be operated by a single user and used twice daily, every day. Usually, with only minimal servicing requirements. In some instances our pulsation system has functioned correctly for 30 years without any maintenance at all. Operators can similarly expect a long service life from our liquid ring vacuum pumps.

With a Read Industrial rotary dairy plant, farmers get a balance of new technology with established mechanical reliability. For this reason, Read Industrial remains a popular choice for dairy farmers in and outside of New Zealand.


From 20 bails up to 100 bails or more. As with our herringbone systems, there is no fixed upper limit to the number of bails that our systems support. If a dairy plant needs to be 200 bails then we’ll simply install multiple control systems for ECR management.


Get the best of new technology with established mechanical reliability

Upgrade to a Read Industrial rotary dairy plant