Automatic Teat Sprayers

Automatic teat sprayers are available with all new rotary systems. These are an optional extra that we can supply, from popular brands such as Wetit and Teat Wand.

Automatic teat sprayers from popular NZ brands

Wetit is a New Zealand brand and is a popular choice for new rotary systems. The Wetit Platform Magic system has no moving parts and delivers metered doses only when a cow is present in the bail, and only after cups off.

For herringbones, Wetit make an automated In-Race system. Teat Wand is another popular New Zealand brand in rotary dairies. As with Wetit’s Platform Magic, their system detects occupied bails and sprays only after cups off.


Automatic teat sprayers reduce mastitis

Choose one with your next Read dairy plant, or ask us about retrofit options