Circuit Wash

Standard on all Read Industrial rotary and herringbone systems

An easy to operate circuit wash system, standard on all Read rotary and herringbone milking systems. The system is simple, consisting of a large bore 4” milk line with a valve at the receiver can end, hot water cylinders, and a water reservoir.

How it works

During the wash process the valve remains closed and water floods the main milk line. This provides complete contact between the cleaning detergent and milk on all inner surfaces. Wash water then gets drawn from the far end of the 4” line via our circuit wash line by the system vacuum. As a result, wash water diverts to wash sprinklers inside the receiver can.

Simple and effective

During the milking phase the circuit wash line provides a looped vacuum ring to maintain stable milking vacuum. The system does not require any electronic aids to activate either the milk or wash phase. And for this reason it is reliable.

Recovering the milk

Every new milking system comes with an air purge system. The job of the air purge is to recover the last remaining milk in the milk lines. If not purged and recovered, then over time this can amount to a significant lost quantity. For example, a 60 bail rotary might have up to 90 L of residual milk. If not recovered, then over a one week period of twice daily milking that adds up to over 1,200 L.

Our system is able to recover around 70 % of residual content in the milk line prior to a circuit wash. When used with the wash gland on rotary machines the air purge line remains connected to the milking system. The air purge can also purge the cold water from the system prior to the hot wash commencing.


Don’t overlook the importance of a reliable circuit wash system

Talk to us about including one in your next dairy plant