It is a no brainer!   Says, John Stocker’ Ashburton Dairy Farmer”. John recently upgraded his 54 bail Rotary Milking System.   >> Read about Johns story here….



“Warwick’s replica 4 ½ inch Burrell circa 1906 Traction Engine”.

With gusto, Warwick started building the Burrell Traction engine back in 2016.

Traction Engine

Read Teat Cup Liners

Read No. 1 Liner. Read No. 2 Liner. Read No 11 Square Liner.

Your herd is your best asset! Why reduce your profit margins by using worn or non-compatible teat liners.

The demand has increased in the last year for the “Read” Square Teat Cup liners.  Read Cup Liners are cohesive with ‘Read’ shells while being compatible with most other brands”. Reads stock 14 variations of liners …..


Trusted by multiple industries.

We complete the entire project from start to finish. Design, in-house machining & finishing.

Internal 40 bail sheep milking system. Pulsations rates, clusters, vacuum levels, and pipeline sizes have been adjusted to suit the lower milk flows that we get. The owner put his trust in Reads to design and build a system that fulfilled his requirements.


Teat spraying technology with high accuracy. Simple technology that adjusts based on cow flow. Teat spraying that’s suitable for Pre and Post milking.  Compatibility with rotary and herringbone sheds.

“It’s great to be finished this 54-bail Read Milking Machine in Fairlie. Setting the pace, it was completed in 2-months from the last cow walking out of the old shed. The build started with driving a bulldozer through the old shed 45 Bail herringbone shed and building the new shed on top of the old footprint. Builders and engineers battled getting concrete and steel onsite due to severe weather causing damage to roads and bridges being down. Thus, the excavation site had to be constantly pumped out during the entire build. Said, Andy Garth “Senior Read Milking Technician”.




Read Milking agents in South Otago, Kaitangata . 24 Hour Service. We specialise in milking machine installs, servicing and upgrades. Call Brad M: 027 754 6075



When making changes to your milking system choose a reputable company with proven experience.

Choose Reads as your milking system contractors.  Read technicians are available 24hours a day, 365 days a year for Servicing & MPTA testing of milking machines in the Canterbury region. In Canterbury alone, we have 6 testers on the road with current MPTA registration and 5 ex MPTA testers backing up the team from the factory.  >>>Book your test today! 

New Zealand wide servicing & MPTA testing is made easy with Read Milking Systems agents through most regional territories.  >>>Find your local agent.