It is a no brainer!   Says, John Stocker’ Ashburton Dairy Farmer”. John recently upgraded his 54 bail Rotary Milking System.   >> Read about Johns story here….



“Warwick’s replica 4 ½ inch Burrell circa 1906 Traction Engine”.

With gusto, Warwick started building the Burrell Traction engine back in 2016.

Traction Engine

Read Teat Cup Liners

Read No. 1 Liner. Read No. 2 Liner. Read No 11 Square Liner.

Your herd is your best asset! Why reduce your profit margins by using worn or non-compatible teat liners.

The demand has increased in the last year for the “Read” Square Teat Cup liners.  Read Cup Liners are cohesive with ‘Read’ shells while being compatible with most other brands”. Reads stock 14 variations of liners …..



  • 150 x 880   (350 Cow capacity)
  • 150 x 610    (250 Cow capacity)
  • Sleeve filter
  • Order with 38mm or 50mm Ports
  • Made with 304 Hygiene Stainless
  • Built to last
  • Includes 2 x brackets


Custom milk filtration, mounting, and size options.

Products fabricated here at Reads in Rangiora,

Read Froth Buster

Froth build up in the receiving can during milking often becomes a significant problem. Reads have a solution to help! The Read Froth Buster. Read froth busters can be retrofitted to any system.