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We choose a Read Milking System as we knew they were the simplest, most efficient system.

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Portable Sheep Milking Systems.

Reads newly designed portable 20-bail milking unit was at the show for public viewing, at the 50th annual Mystery Creek field days 2019.

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Which vacuum pump is best?
Read industrial designs and manufacturers its own liquid ring vacuum pumps.

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The Christchurch Men’s Prison farm is a training facility set up to support the rehabilitation and training of prisoners, and to assist them to develop positive work aptitudes, attitudes and skills for employment upon release

Read Milking System Christchurch Men's Prison


In 2015, Corrections upgraded the dairy shed with the installation of a Read Industrial eight bail walk-through milking system.

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USA export order rotary milking system packed and loaded into a 40-foot container destined for the USA

We built this system and exported it in 2014 to Georgia USA for a new client by way of referral by another customer.