Engineering Services

Read Industrial is more than just a milking systems manufacturer. In fact, our factory has a foundry, CNC mills and lathes, plus a whole lot of equipment for general engineering services. Because of this capability we are able to take on a range of general engineering projects for other businesses.

Tell us what you need, we’ll take care of the engineering

Need a part for a boat? a cheese vat? a set of bottle openers? We batch cast impellers for a popular New Zealand jet boat company, and we have even made a hull for a fishing boat. Generally speaking if a project requires light to medium metalworking, then chances are we’ll be equipped to handle it. See more!

Even though Read Industrial grew from New Zealand’s agricultural industry, we’re not limited to just one industry when it comes to engineering. In fact, some other industries we have provided bespoke engineering services for have had nothing whatsoever to do with agriculture. Such as, hospitality, emergency services, heavy vehicle fleets, and even a New Zealand rally team.

Have something specific in mind that requires metalworking?

We can help