Milk Pumps

Our rotary and herringbone milking systems all come standard with Skellerup milk pumps. Being that these are centrifugal type pumps with a four blade impeller, they are both gentle and sanitary on milk.

Sizes to suit

Two milk pump sizes are available. The smaller of the two is a 0.75 kW unit. This generates flow rates between 40 L/min and 125 L/min at 11 m to 2 m of head when driven at 50 Hz. The larger of the two is a 1.1 kW unit. This generates flow rates between 50 L/min to 275 L/min at 14 m to 6 m of head when driven at 50 Hz.

Milk pumps with intelligent control

Pump controllers come standard with all Read Milking Systems. Thus, milk transfer is energy efficient, gentle, and achieves optimal flow through the plate cooler.

Cost effective performance with easy servicing

Need a replacement pump or service kit?