Steel Manufacturer for Supermarkets

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Our fabrication team offers custom stainless-steel design and fabrication to supermarkets and other FMCG businesses.

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The supermarket environment creates greater volumes of vehicles and foot traffic.   Therefore, greater controls are required to reduce and minimize risk.  Urgency around repairs and maintenance becomes critical in managing potential hazards.  Therefore, to support our clients with urgent repairs, alterations they are happy to work after hours.  Consequently, our fabrication team provides a 24hour call out service for repairs and maintenance.

Our fabricators design with the application in mind. The types of material used determines the strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion. Our scope of work we provide for the FMCG sector is extensive. Including designing and installing supermarket display and service units, custom kitchen benches, tables, service trollies, handrails, balustrades.

External services include vehicle management barriers trolley bays, handrails, new installation of the complete project including organising the groundwork and concreting.

Alterations and maintenance can be carried out after shop hours ready for use before the shop opens.  All products are made to high performing standards to ensure the longevity of life. Working in stainless steel, aluminum, and mild steel primarily. We offer the services of welding, folding, punching, rolling, polishing, bespoke design and installation.  If you want it the chances are, we can make it.

Further scopes of work.

  • Handrails, balustrades, and bollards.
  • Stock cages and agricultural products.
  • Gates and doors
  • Tanks and waste drains
  • Access ramps and platforms
  • Commercial Kitchens – Custom stainless-steel kitchen benches.
  • Architectural applications
  • Perforated metals