Are you Considering buying a farm? Don’t let this happen to you!

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An Independent Milking System Testing was missed recently before a farm purchase. After the settlement, upon taking over the farm the farmer finds problems with the Milking System. Suddenly, the farmer finds themselves having to outlay upwards of $20,000 thousands dollars for system faults and maintenance. Don’t let this happen to you!

If you are considering buying a dairy farm?  Don’t forget to complete your due diligence on the Milking System itself.

With farming and agriculture being one of New Zealand’s largest industries, it is surprising how often the basics get overlooked during the sale process.   We certainly understand that purchasing a dairy farm is quite a comprehensive process.  With the purchaser working through the negotiation of agreements, milk supply contracts, and intense legalities. It’s easy to overlook booking a pre-purchase, Independent Dairy System Inspection. So, let us remind you.

Complete your due diligence, by ensuring an independent Milking System Inspection before you complete your farm purchase.  Furthermore, if your selling your farm be ahead of the race and have a test completed to show your Milking System is sale ready.   Read industrial employ five independent MPTA Milking System testers with extensive industry knowledge.

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