Check your hot water cylinders!

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Now’s the time to check your hot water cylinders!

Check your hot water cylinders for rust? Can your cylinder cope with the amount of hot water the farm needs? Can your current cylinder handle the dairy chemicals ok? Do you need a bigger cylinder, one that meets the demand of the plant? Does your cylinder stand meet the current regulations?

Checking your hot water cylinder is often overlooked, especially with the long list of tasks to complete. In most cases, replacement cylinders are needed well before we become aware of the fact. Aging cylinders become rusted, leaking, and inefficient. It’s easy for cylinders to be undersized with system upgrades or changes in safety regulations. If you have made changes to your milking system or had a second or larger silo added, you may not have enough water to wash these properly. Furthermore, consideration needs to be taken around cylinder stands. Cylinder stands must be engineered to current MPI regulations ensuring restraint of the cylinder in the event of an earthquake.

What are my options?

Replacing your cylinder with the correct capacity and material type is integral for longevity. Our cylinder sizes range from 180 L to 1,500 L.  Inner barrel materials can include copper or stainless steel, and the choice of either depends on the composition of the water. All come equipped with a vacuum breaker, a sight tube, a temperature gauge, and valve kit for automated filling. Reads supply copper or stainless barrels with high-quality insulation, so that cylinders effectively heat water to 85deg for cleaning in the milking shed.

Reduce corrosion by choosing for water quality.

Choose from our range of capacities and material types. We consider that if your water supply is rich in nitrates, a stainless-steel barrel offers better resistance to corrosion compared to copper. However, for water-rich in chloride, copper barrels provide better resistance to corrosion. Similarly, outer barrel materials include stainless steel, galvanised steel, or plastic. Our cylinders and cylinder stands are N.Z made & certified to NZS 4604 standards.

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