Read Slide Pulsators

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If you know about Read Milking Machines, then you will know about the Read slide pulsators.

Read Slide Pulsators are a standard feature in our milking systems.  Read pulsators are available in 4+0 and 2+2 configuration for both Herringbone and Rotary dairies. Read pulsators are virtually impossible to block!  They maintain consistent performance, and have a gentle transition between phases due to air supply holes being slide-closed as opposed to suddenly being blocked by solenoid action. Read slide pulsators can be flushed with wash water and are unaffected by temperature or vacuum variations. Over the last few years there’s been a substantial increase of Famers replacing electronic pulsation. Instead choosing simple mechanical slide pulsation. Reads have upgraded over 1000 bails for Herringbone & Rotary  to Read Slide pulsators this year alone.


One of our clients Nigel Morrison talks to us about changing from electronic pulsators back to mechanical pulsation.

“The catalyst for change was due to frustration around inconsistent milk flow” said Nigel.  It seemed that the after years of becoming more electric the system wasn’t achieving the outcomes we were looking for. We replaced our electric pulsators to the mechanical Read slide pulsators. The cows quickly got used to the new pulsators. Our girls enjoy the steady mechanical pulsation consistent with the Read slides. “The cows are happy”. The cows now milk out good and clean, says Nigel.   After simple changes The Morrisans have won an award from Fonterra. “Top of the South Milk Product Award.” most improved milk supply – lower somatic cell count.